Oneida Ridge

A rare clearing in an otherwise protected conservation region, this property sits within a 6 acre property on the Niagara Escarpment. We worked closely with Conservation Halton to seek permission for this new all-season home. This involved an extensive environmental impact assessment which investigated existing migration patterns, habitats, native species, local plants, review of endangered species, and assured preservation of the existing woodlands.

Regarding the owners’ passion for the landscape, outdoor activities are at the heart of this project. The program was designed around enjoying the outdoors, not just viewing it from inside.

This simple and modest home is split into two buildings, linked by a glazed entrance. On one side, the garage/workshop and office/playroom accommodate rugged activities such as maple syrup tapping, camping preparation, and other passion projects.

On the other side are the dwelling spaces: bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen/dining/living. The ground floor views focus on the dramatic rock formations. The second floor accommodates the private spaces within the tree canopies. Large windows connect one with the outdoors and maximizes natural light. To the rear, a pool is hugged by these two volumes, and otherwise, is open to the wilderness.

As an isolated property that is inhabited year-round, it was important to provide considerable independent services. This includes geothermal heating, photo-voltaic panels, a septic bed, and a private well.

This property is currently under development.

Project Team:
Drew Mandel, Jowenne Poon

Marcus Design Build

Blackwell Engineering