Drew Mandel Architects was established in 2004 in Toronto, Canada. The office is built on an ethos of high-quality modern design with a heritage sensitivity. Projects taken on are those where clients share this passion for beautiful spaces. These include private residences and multi-residential units, offices, retail spaces, landscapes, and often include product design to carry out the vision.

Involvement in each project begins with the pre-design phase to assess and prepare for the design process. This is the beginning of mediation with authorities with jurisdiction: regional conservation authorities, Urban Forestry, City Planning, Transportation, Committee of Adjustment, The Local Planning and Appeals Tribunal, City Heritage, and site-specific requirements as they arise.

During the design phases, the practice is highly-involved with both the clients and consultant teams. Commitment and expertise is put forward in every stage of a project to lead, manage, and mediate teams of consultants and while liaising with authorities to realize the architectural vision. This level of care is carried through to occupancy and beyond. Building code research and alternative solutions development, building envelope research, coordinating energy modeling, sustainable building practices, and life safety regulations ensures that the architecture is not only successful today, but for years to come.

The firm’s design intent for each project is to develop a place that connects to its context and reflects the end-user’s needs, personality, and brand. The firm’s architecture provides opportunities to enhance the unfolding experience of each site. The practice focuses on the careful control and assembly of materials from large-scale construction down to fine tactile details. With a particular interest in light, materials and movement, every project strives to make meaningful places.