The generating image for this project is a memory of a stone beach-front landscape. It provides easy circulation to a new pool and forms a transformative garden space to accompany the residence. This project ultimately emphasizes the rear program of the house while maintaining its Heritage street face.

The project fits itself into the existing courtyard of the house and extends to the corners of the site. The view from interior spaces is enhanced by the strong central axis of the lap pool which terminates at an infinity edge hot pool. The pool is traversed by stepping stones set within the body of water. The seating in the pool is oriented to provide a similar axial view back towards the house. Flanking one side of the pool is a site-casted concrete fire pit. Bench seating extends the seasonal use of the garden.

A new terrace is raised to create an exterior room for the ground floor of the residence. The stone stair steps down to grade level and continues into the pool. Privacy at the mutual driveway is achieved with new plantings and a garden wall made of board-formed concrete and obscured glass panels. This edge of the landscape attempts to define a significant promenade from the garage to the rear entry point, for what is the daily route into and out of the house.

On the other side of the pool a new steel canopy offers shelter and sun shade for a cabana carved out of the existing brick garage. The landscape takes over one bay of the existing garage in order to extend the garden. The cabana's glass doors are retractable for seasonal flexibility.

Construction: Marcus Design Build